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Acai + Cherry

Beautifier Smoothie

Tastes Like: A Berry Explosion
Fresh berries are yet another reason why we're always living for summer. But this multi-berry blend gives us that fresh-picked taste year round, with sweet cherries, blueberries, raspberries and a hearty dose of glow-inducing acaí berries, for a smoothie high in antioxidants and Omega 3's. Plus, we've added some kale in for good measure - but trust us, you won't even notice it's there.

Get Started

Organic Acai Berry
A superfruit native to the rainforests of South America, acai berries are packed with antioxidants, fiber, heart-healthy fat and vitamin C, making it a natural energy booster.

Organic Sweet Cherry
Cherries are packed with antioxidants to keep you looking and feeling youthful. They are also highly anti-inflammatory and contain a large dose of Vitamin C.

Organic Banana
A fast-acting source of energy full of potassium, antioxidants, amino acids and fructooligosaccharides, which stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestine.

Organic Kale
One of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth, kale is high in vitamin K and B, calcium, iron as well as fiber and sulfur, both great for detoxifying and keeping the liver healthy.

Organic Raspberry
Raspberries contain plenty of fiber and Vitamin C for their small size as well as a healthy dose of anti-aging antioxidants.

organic sweet pitted cherries, organic kale, organic blueberries, organic bananas, organic raspberries, organic acai (acai, citric acid)

Nutrition Facts
Serv. Size: 1/2 package. (105g/3.7oz., makes 8 fl oz. prepared) Servings Per Container About 2. Amount per serving: Calories 70, Fat Cal. 10. Total Fat 1g (1% DV), Sat. Fat 0g (0% DV), Trans Fat 0g (0% DV), Cholest. 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 10mg (0% DV), Total Carb. 14g (5% DV), Fiber 3g (12% DV), Sugars 8g, Protein 1g, Vitamin A (50% DV), Vitamin C (45%DV), Calcium (4% DV), Iron (4% DV). Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Step 1
Choose your liquid base (milk, almond milk, coconut water, water, etc).

Step 2
Fill cup to top with liquid and toss it all into a blender.

Step 3
Blend and pour everything back into your cup - you're set!